Representing your best interests in real estate is my #1 concern.

Objective Real Estate Advice and Services to Help You Plan

When you’re making a decision regarding real estate, you really need clarity, honesty and guidance.  Believe me, you don’t want to go at it alone, nor do you need a salesperson pressuring you into closing the deal.  There are too many risks involved.  With one wrong move, a financial catastrophe can occur, leaving you with ashes to pick up for many years to come.  However, on the flip side of this, one smart move can be extremely beneficial to your financial future.

What’s interesting is that different people have unique real estate needs.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.  Sometimes those needs involve buying or selling a home.  However, there are times when all you need is advice on how to handle a situation, or information to help you decide. For this reason, I would like to welcome you to the Trusted Real Estate Consultant’s website.  As your trusted real estate consultant, I am not here to pressure you into buying or selling a home.  I am here to help guide you into making smart decisions based upon your real estate goals, provide advice when you need it and offer services crafted specifically to meet your needs.

Helping You Make Smart Decisions

Discovery · Vision · Research · Advise · Resolve

5 Steps to Helping You Make Smart Decisions
In our initial consultation, we will discuss your current real estate situation (DISCOVERY), determine your real estate goals (VISION), devote special time and consideration to any challenges (RESEARCH), discuss my personal recommendations from what  you’ve shared (ADVISE), then collaborate to create your personal plan of action (RESOLVE).

Work with a Trusted Real Estate Consultant

Having spent more than 20 years of my life in the real estate industry in various roles from investor, mortgage loan officer, real estate salesperson and broker/owner–my career has culminated into ‘Your Trusted Real Estate Consultant’. I can help you in any area of real estate. You can rest assured that I am not using any sales scripts to force you into listing your home with me. And, there is absolutely no resentment if you decide that purchasing a home is not right for you. My role is that of a real estate fiduciary–analyzing your situation and consulting in your best interests. I am here to provide sound, knowledgeable, and reliable real estate representation based upon your unique circumstances. And, if your needs exceed my expertise, I can refer you to a host of professionals, from real estate attorneys to structural engineers that can help you. The Trusted Real Estate Consultant is all about providing you with objective real estate advice and services to help you plan. Representing your best interests in real estate is my #1 concern.

Contact me using the form to the right to discuss your real estate goals and/or challenges and which of my services best suits your needs.

What are your Real Estate Goals or Challenges?

How can I help?

“My uncle just passed away and left me his house. What should I do with it?”

“I just graduated from college and I need a place to live. Should I buy or rent a place?”

“I am looking to purchase a newly built home. Can you help me select a reputable home builder and community?”

“I just got a divorce. We own two houses. We need some real estate direction.”

“I am trying to refinance my house. The mortgage company advised us to obtain a Comparative Market Analysis. Can you send it to me?”

“My husband and I have decided that we would like to purchase a piece of land and build a custom home. Can you guide us?”

“A real estate agent listed my house a few months ago, but I’ve had no offers. Why?”

“I have a portfolio of homes that I need to sell fast! Can you help me to liquidate?”

“I am looking to purchase some investment properties around the city. I need your assistance with locating properties, providing specific information on them and helping me to purchase the properties that meet my investment needs. When can we get started?”

“I need specialized marketing for a historic property that I am looking to sell.”

“My real estate development company is looking for land to build a subdivision. We are already working with an agent that will sell the houses once they are built, but we need a consultant that will guide us with acquiring the land, area analysis and selecting the right floor plans to build. Can we meet?”

“I am relocating to Georgia and would like to purchase a home. I need a real estate professional that will look out for my best interests.”

“Altimese, I need to sell my house!! No offense, but I do not have the budget to pay a real estate agent thousands of dollars in commissions. I can do some duties myself. Can you help me do the rest?”