Overview of Pricing

In Economics 101, we learn that “high risk must be paired with high reward.” In applying this principle to the traditional real estate model, the real estate agent assumes virtually all of the risk—paying out of pocket costs to list and market a home; and if the property does not sell, no compensation of time or reimbursement of expenses will be provided. However, on the flip side of this scenario, if the property does sell, the seller pays a premium fee at closing. High risk = high reward.

As your Trusted Real Estate Consultant, pricing is based upon a shared-risk model, which allows the client the opportunity to save money. The following description provides an overview of pricing. Actual costs will be based upon the “Scope of Work” or “Services Provided” and can be provided upon request.

Sellers Who Want to Share the Risk with Me

I will offer a shared-risk option to my seller clients. If they elect to pay a non-refundable retainer fee upfront for my time and expenses, I will reduce my listing commission from the “full” 6 percent fee that I charge when someone does not pay the retainer fee. Paying the retainer fee saves the seller money at closing because the reduction in commission results in a much lower overall fee even after paying the retainer fee upfront. As an alternative, sellers will still be allowed to pay according to the traditional real estate model detailed above.

Buyers Who Want to Share the Risk with Me

I will offer a shared-risk option to my buyer clients. If they elect to pay a non-refundable retainer fee upfront for my time and expenses, I will credit the retainer back to them at closing plus rebate $100* of the co-op commission that I receive as a special closing gift.

*Buyers will receive a $100 rebate as a closing gift if the purchase price is $200,000 or greater.

For Sale by Owners (FSBOs)

I will offer three packages to FSBOs; 1) CMA-only, 2) Contract preparation, and 3) Contract-to-Closing assistance. I will charge a flat fee for a CMA. Contract preparation services will be a flat fee. Contract-to-Closing services can be paid for by the hour or a flat fee, of which 50% will be paid upfront and the remaining 50% to be paid at closing.

Owners of Expired Listings Who Want to Know What Went Wrong

I will offer a What Went Wrong? Consultation and Analysis for Expired Listings in which I will analyze the unsuccessful listing experience to help determine why the home failed to sell and what could be done differently in the future. The cost of this service will be a flat fee, payable in advance. If the seller would like to hire me to list the home, I will apply some or all of the payment towards the listing fee.

Investors Who Find Their Own Properties to Renovate and Sell

I will offer a variety of services to Investors who buy, renovate and sell properties that they find on their own. As each investor’s situation will be unique, I will perform a Needs Analysis with them and then prepare a proposal based on their individual needs, goals and budget. Investors can pay by the hour, by the project or possibly under a retainer arrangement.

Small Business Owners Looking to Lease or Purchase Office Space

A non-refundable retainer fee upfront will be required for small business owners looking to lease or purchase office space. I will rebate a portion of the co-op fee or commission that I will receive after the lease is signed or at closing.

Other Client Types

For all other client-types, I will charge my hourly rate or offer a Flat Fee, depending upon the complexity of the project and the length of time it will take to complete.

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