Real Estate Salesperson vs. Real Estate Consultant

Real estate requires ‘fiduciary’, which means trust.  So, when a buyer or seller asks the question:  “How can you trust someone to advise you reliably when they clearly want to make the sale?I totally understand.  After 20 years in the real estate industry, this question hit me like a ton of bricks.  I, too, acknowledge that there is clearly a conflict of interest in being a real estate salesperson (someone who is paid a commission only if they sell the house) and acting in a client’s best interest.  For instance, if I am serving as a salesperson, I am clearly focused on making the sale, which provides gratification to myself (a pay check), but not necessarily my client.  The truth of the matter is — persuading someone to sell or purchase real estate may not be in their best interest.  If I am acting as a fiduciary, it is my duty to be honest.

This apparent conflict rotated in my brain for several days and nights.  I couldn’t sleep – honestly.  I knew that I needed to make a radical change in the way I do business – a change that would clearly add value to my clients, while resonating with me.  Therefore, I decided to create a business model that makes sense to me:

Consultative Real Estate

5 Steps to Helping You Make Smart Decisions

In consulting with my clients, I provide a complete real estate solution – not just real estate sales. We journey through my 5-step process.  On the 5th step (RESOLVE), we collaborate to determine their personal plan of action:


If we collaborate and my clients decide that they are not ready to sell or purchase a home at this time, then I am pleased that they received the counsel and information that they needed to make the best decision for them.


However, if my clients decide that they would like to move forward with selling or purchasing a home, then I am licensed and experienced to represent them in this process, negotiating the contract in their best interest and handling every detail from beginning to end.

Homeowners:  Would you like to know how much your home is worth in today’s market?

Aspiring Homebuyers:  Would you like to know how much home you can pre-qualify for in today’s market?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, schedule your Annual Real Estate Check-Up Today.  Use the information provided to Start Planning for Your Future!

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